Would you update your bridal ring set?

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We all love our partners and the symbolic meaning of our beautiful engagement ring and the memory of our wedding day with the addition of our matching wedding band. However ring styles are forever changing within the fine jewellery industry with celebrity trends and new inspirations. Even our own personal style often changes as we grow, which is why some women are now choosing to update their bridal sets.

Secrets, established in the year 2000 was created to empower women to own the jewellery of their dreams and what they love and desire. With Secrets fine quality designs available in white, yellow or rose gold, women now have the choice to own the high end diamond look without the extra zeros on the price tag with Secrets Engagement designs priced from AU$460.

Celebrities such as the gorgeous Victoria Beckham, often changes her rock worn on her left hand ring finger depending on the trend. Over the years many women have visited Secrets stores as they are attracted to a particular cut or style which may not have been available at the time they were engaged or was simply out of reach for them at the time of their engagement. In some cases the setting of their ring is rather outdated and they want the new look yet keep the original for sentimental value.

Secrets Managing Director Jane Meredith explains “Technology has advanced as we can see in other industries such as computers and mobile phones. Technology within the jewellery industry has also advanced which is why we can now offer women the choice to own the look with beautiful, high quality designs at an attainable price. I have often served women in Secrets stores that want to update their bridal set to reflect their current style”.

Have a look at these stunning Secrets Engagement Rings and Secrets Wedding Rings featuring Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants, available in 14CT white, yellow or rose gold depending on your preference. 

Please comment below and let us know if you have ever considered updating your bridal set? 

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