How to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner

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You have been dropping hints left right and centre for the perfect engagement ring. A wish list has been politely placed on your loved ones pillow and the fridge, catalogues are piling on every coffee table and bench in the house. However when it comes to actually purchasing the engagement ring some loved ones find this experience rather daunting. At Secrets we want to make the journey to purchasing the perfect engagement ring peaceful for your loved one so we have come up with these Top 10 Tips.

The fine diamond industry focuses on 4 key elements also known as the 4 C’s - Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. Carat is simply the size of the stone for example the most popular centre sized stone chosen for an engagement ring ranges from 0.75CT- 2CT. Colour, is a project on its own as a diamond is graded alphabetically from D to Z. Clarity is also similar to the Colour project as Clarity is determined by the levels of imperfections in a stone. Cut well this would probably be the easiest of the 4 C’s criteria as it is simply the shape of the stone and its facets which optimizes refracted light and creates the brilliance and fire.


Next is the design and a setting that reflects ones style or practicality. The most classic would be a 6 claw knife edge band solitaire. However today many are choosing a simple band and stacking on a wedding band and eternity band for the final look for practicality depending on their lifestyle.

Many settings are available from a beautiful claw set, to a bold bezel set, a simple and classic solitaire to a halo set or some beautiful stones on the shoulder.

Hopefully by now you agree that for your loved one many decisions need to be made before committing to the purchase so we have some step by step tips to make the process as easiest as possible for every couple.

You could print this guide and go through this together or leave this as a friendly hint.

Secrets Top 10 Tips

Step One: Start your research at least 3 months in advance and begin your purchasing or ordering at least 2 months in advance.

Sometimes Secrets need to specially make the design you prefer which can take up to 6-8 weeks as all of our designs are handcrafted by master jewellers.

Step Two: Find out your partners style and what your partner would feel most comfortable wearing on a daily basis as this is going to be worn for a lifetime.

For example does your partner want to own the look of Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian? If so this is no problem at Secrets as you can own the look without adding on another 6 digit figure to the price tag.

Perhaps your partner works in an environment that wouldn’t allow a high set or bold design - however she still wants to sparkle.

Step Three: Find out what colour gold she prefers. Does she wear white, yellow or rose gold? Perhaps she wears a mixture of both?

All Secrets engagement rings can be made in either 14CT white, yellow or rose gold. Our design team makes most of our 14CT yellow gold solitaire rings and claw set designs with a white gold setting as this is standard within the fine diamond industry. Sometimes Secrets may need to specially make your preferred gold as we may not have this available in stock. Rose Gold can also take a little longer so it is just safer to keep a 2 -3 month time frame in mind.     

Step Four: Find out her ring size (the ring finger which is located on the left hand next to the pinkie finger).

Ask one of her friends or family to help her go into a jewellery store to get her finger sized and they can convey this back to you.

Alternatively if it is a surprise Secrets does stock a standard N 1/ 2 size (if this particular design is available) and at a later date we can resize or specially make the design in the size required.

Step Five: Determine the 4 C’s. At Secrets we have made this really simple as our engagement rings feature

Carat: Most engagement designs range from 0.75CT -30CT  equivalent to the diamond industry. 

Colour: Secrets stones are equivalent to D or E colour when compared on the diamond colour scale due to the superior quality of the material used. 

Clarity: Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants are of flawless clarity, no blemishes are visible with a 10 x magnification jewellers loupe. This total absence of the impurities or flaws normally found in diamonds is due to the state of the art techniques employed in the creation of our simulated diamonds which allows for maximum brilliance.

Cut: Secrets round brilliant cut stones all possess 58 facets and are cut with a hearts and arrows pattern. This is a high standard of cutting due to the loss of weight from the rough and the time taken to perfect it. You can view all Secrets Stone Shapes here.

Step Six: Determine your budget. At Secrets our selection of 14CT Engagement Rings are priced from $495. Prior to the birth of Secrets in the year 2000, beautiful designer jewellery with stones  larger than 1ct were simply out of reach for more than 90% of women.

Step Seven:  Choose your preferred design. Some top Secrets Engagement Designs are as follows:

  • Classic Solitaire
  • Claw and Channel Set Engagement Ring
  • Halo Set Ring

Some also prefer a French trilogy ring as an engagement ring.

It is also great to keep in mind matching wedding and eternity bands. 

Step Eight: Now that you have clarified and confirmed all of the above with your partner. You can now make your purchase with ease and ensure you will have the perfect ring for your engagement.

If the proposal is a complete surprise try talking to one of your loved one’s family members or close friends and they will be able to assist you in the process.

Step Nine: Choose a special place that you will always remember, take a deep breath and know that your loved one will love any design you have chosen to celebrate this special milestone. You may choose to get down on one knee and share the words ‘Will you marry me’.

Step Ten: Live happily ever after and be assured your choice for purchasing a Secrets Engagement Ring will be Forever Beautiful…


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