Gifting secrets for your bridesmaids

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Your wedding day is going to plan with the help of your beautiful bridesmaids. Everyone has decided on the dress and the colour for the dresses to compliment your big day! Your bridesmaids have been carefully selected as you treasure and adore each one. Now you are searching for the perfect gift to give back and say ‘thank you’ for their time, assistance and love.

Weddings, they’re often a rather expensive occasion once you start planning and realise how many levels are involved. After booking the venue, creating invitations, locking in the entertainment and catering, plus finding that perfect dress! There usually isn’t too much left in the kitty for gifting.

Each one of your bridesmaids is individual and on your wedding day you want them to be themselves yet share the style you have created to compliment your bridal theme. Brides are often searching for a beautiful gift that their Bridesmaids can wear on the day and something they will treasure for a lifetime. Therefore the gift needs to be beautiful, a reasonable price point and must be high quality.

Depending on the look you are after and your budget, Secrets offers beautiful, high quality designs at an attainable price. Most designs are quite classic so look gorgeous on the wedding day and can be worn every day after!

Secrets Suggestions

Secrets suggests a beautiful pair of classic pear cut or brilliant cut stud earrings. These classic cuts are perfect for bridal, yet everyday style. Each design can also be made in either white, yellow or rose gold depending gold type preference, so you can ensure you are giving your bridesmaids a gift that is unique to their style that they will always treasure. 

Another alternative is Secrets Pearls priced from AU$50.

Please comment below and let us know your gift ideas for your beautiful Bridesmaids?  

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