New on trend coloured cocktail rings

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The best secret in town has been revealed cocktail rings  — just in time for the new season. Featuring the classic round brilliant cut in three on trend colours; emerald green, champagne and black. The modern Round Brilliant cut came into existence roughly 60 years ago and is an adaptation of the brilliant cut that’s been around since the early 18th century that remains the most popular cut to this day. A brilliant cut possesses 58-facets; resulting in a firing gem that shines with brilliance. All Secrets round brilliant cut stones are cut with 58 facets and all feature hearts and arrows.

“Rich emerald greens, black diamond and a drop of champagne colour reflect the beauty that Autumn brings” said Jane Meredith, Co-founder and Managing Director at Secrets Shhh.

Spotted on the red carpet luxury gem stones can cost thousands. Whatever the reason, Secrets wants you to have it all. Discover Secrets cocktail rings with the gemstone look for only $150 each. Visit in stores located throughout Australia or to shop the look for a limited time only.


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