Discover new season style secrets

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Have you purchased that new season dress? Secrets reveal accessory style secrets  — for the new season. Classic, contemporary, flirty or timeless, Secrets have it all this autumn so you can build a collection that celebrates every side of you.

“This season in fine jewellery it’s all about dark and dramatic statement looks.” said Jane Meredith, Co-founder and Managing Director at Secrets Shhh.

Discover Autumn style secrets now in stores located throughout Australia or for a limited time only.

Daytime Professional

Dress by Sacha Drake, Earrings by Secrets Shhh, Ring by Secrets Shhh.

Weekend Social Butterfly

Dress by Sacha Drake, Earrings by Secrets Shhh, Necklet by Secrets Shhh, Ring by Secrets Shhh.


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