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Doesn’t it feel great when you discover your dress shape and then style your clothes accordingly? Well with jewellery the same feeling applies when you discover your favourite stone shape. Sometimes a certain shape or stone cut looks different on you compared to what it looks like on someone else. At Secrets we want you to feel confident and empowered with your jewels so they can celebrate every side of you.

We have put together a guide to start your Secrets collection and the safest option to start with is a classic solitaire set.

1. Round Brilliant Cut

The most popular stone shape is the round brilliant cut. The most popular stone shape is the round brilliant, which came into existence roughly 60 years ago. It’s an adaptation of the brilliant cut, created in the early 18th Century, and remains the most popular cut to this day. It suits absolutely every woman with its sophisticated brilliance and fire. A pair of Secrets round brilliant cut studs crafted in 10ct white gold is the most popular design for everyday luxury. Complete the look by adding a classic round brilliant solitaire pendant or necklet, ring and tennis bracelet.


2. Princess Cut

The second most popular stone shape is the Princess Cut. The princess cut is relatively new, it was created in the 1960s. It often finds its way into solitaire engagement rings or earrings and is a design well suited for long fingers. A pair of Secrets princess cut studs crafted in 10ct white or yellow gold is a popular purchase for someone looking for a more contemporary look and feel. Complete the look by adding a Princess Cut, as a feature. 

3. Pear Cut

The pear cut is often referred to as the ‘tear drop’ as it can be worn both ways. Ever since the likes of Margot Robbie showed her pear cut engagement ring, it has become a popular choice with brides-to-be. With its elongated shape, it is a great option for those with shorter fingers. Complete the look with a pair of drop earrings or a pendant. 

4. Asscher Cut

Looking for something a little more edgy? The Asscher cut is a unique design created specifically for the Dutch royal family in 1902. It has an almost octagonal shape and was a departure from the popular brilliant cut of the 1800s and it became the forerunner of the standard Emerald cut. Its beauty, however, is breathtaking due in part to the angled corner facets, which gives it a look of an inverted pyramid. It is also commonly attributed as having an art deco look, which confers real class to the style. 


5. Cushion Cut

The cushion shape is an antique design that evokes the glamour of the 1920s. Charming and opulent, its rounded shape is similar to a round, but more distinctive. The shape was often referred to as the Pillow Cut due to its slightly rounded sides. Cushion cut stones are romantic, elegant and luxurious. Similar to the princess cut, it is a shape mostly suited to long fingers. Complete the look with a pair of solitaire stud earrings or pendant featuring the timeless cushion cut. 

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