Strut your stuff on the Catwalk

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 Bold and sassy, Secrets’ Catwalk necklets are designed to be modelled on the fashion runway, or worn with casual aplomb by every woman. Guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go, Catwalk necklets elevate any outfit from everyday to glam. They’re also a great talking point in any social context! 
The bespoke fashion necklets are available in myriad colours and chunky designs and the tonal shades make a colourful addition to your fashion wardrobe. They look great worn with block colours in your favourite shade, or simply with classic black or white. 
“Fun, fashionable and flirty, Catwalk necklets are an exciting offering, something a bit different to Secrets’ signature range,” said co-founder Jane Meredith. 
“Tremendous detail has gone in to fashioning these high-quality, hand-beaded necklets, which are one-off jewellery items exclusive to Secrets. No two necklets are exactly the same, which is also part of their appeal.” 
Be daring, be different. Strut your stuff in a Secrets Catwalk necklet. On sale now for $99 per necklet.  

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