What's hot in jewellery: trends for spring/summer 2017-18

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Want a preview of what's in vogue for spring/summer 2017-18? 

Secrets-Shhh general manager merchandising and qualified jeweller, Dene Cameron, says what’s hot in jewellery right now are single and double halo diamond rings, pendants and earrings. 
“The longstanding appeal of the large brilliant cut centre stone encased by the halo is being embraced by women of all ages and is proving very popular,” Mr Cameron said. 
Demand for colour is high too: yellow, blue and pink diamonds are very on-trend at the moment. 
“Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez brandishing a large carat pink diamond engagement ring and Lady Gaga wearing yellow diamonds are fuelling the trend for coloured diamonds,” Mr Cameron said. 
A nostalgia for yesteryear is coming through strongly too with antique design rings making a fashion renaissance. 
“With the resurgence of vintage styling we’ve seen a nostalgia for period-inspired pieces such as Victorian-era style gold jewellery, art deco inspired pieces and even the 60s-retro look,” Mr Cameron said. 
“Pearls are back in vogue and gold, in particular, rose gold is the metal of choice among fashion-forward women.” 
Secrets’ simulated diamond luxe jewellery designs reflect all these trends – but without the hefty price tag of its high-end jewellery counterparts. And it’s increasingly perceived among discerning consumers as the ethical alternative to diamonds. 
“Secrets-Shhh broadly appeals to women of all ages because they can have the luxe look for less, and their consumer choice literally won’t cost the earth,” Mr Cameron said. 
“We’re the new real.” 

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