Drop dead gorgeous

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Dangly, drop earrings were the stars of the 2017 Emmys red carpet and while ear lobes were diamond loaded, décolletages in expensive low-cut gowns largely went bare. And plenty was seen ‘left hanging’ on the red carpet as women in US TV posed for the cameras before (almost) scooping the prize pool. Popular female-led TV series such as Big Little Lies, Veep and The Handmaid’s Tale dominated the awards. 

Australia scored a double coup with Big Little Lies, starring Nicole Kidman who got top gong for best actress. The hit TV series was based on the novel (of the same title) by Aussie author Liane Moriarty and explored dark themes such domestic violence and school-mum competitiveness. It concludes with women taking control of their actions and ultimately their destiny. 

Nicole Kidman looked drop dead gorgeous in a red gown and pear and cushion trilliant cut diamond drop earrings – a look emulated here by Secrets (see pic). 

So, what’s Secrets connection to the Emmys? We’re an Australian-owned company, which passionately believes in empowering women. Secrets was co-founded in 2000 by Jane Meredith and five-times De Beers Design Award-winner, Dietmar Gorlich, on the simple yet potent idea that luxury should be attainable and that every woman is entitled to feel special every day.

We want women to feel ‘red carpet ready’ whatever the occasion, be it a trip to the grocery store, a 5-star venue or a boardroom meeting. We’ve got your back – and your look. Crafted from 10ct gold and featuring the world’s most perfect diamond simulants, Secrets’ drop earrings come in a variety of stone cuts and designs from classic to contemporary and all looks in between – vintage, fancy and antique. Limited edition designs available too in sterling silver. So load up the lobes and look drop dead gorgeous with Secrets. 

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