Secrets to getting what you want this Christmas

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Sick of getting cheap perfume, or worse, a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas? Well, women rejoice, Secrets has some suggestions on how to get what you really want this Christmas. 

Golden rule #1 Drop hints…. Don’t leave your run too late, start dropping hints now. Leave an earmarked Secrets catalogue lying around, confide in your best friend (who bless her, can’t keep secrets) or take him shhh-opping (in store or online) and show him explicitly what you like. Remember, your husband, partner, boyfriend is not a mind reader and as much as you’d like to be surprised with the perfect thoughtful gift, chances are, left to his own devices, he might be wide of the mark. 

Golden rule #2 Take control. Tell your husband, partner, boyfriend point blank that Secrets gift vouchers are a man’s best friend at Christmas. For blokes it takes the guesswork (and headache!) out of gift-giving and women let’s face it, you get exactly what you want! Available in store and online, Secrets gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue. 

Golden rule #3 Be grateful. Whether you followed rule #1, or jumped straight to rule #2, chances are your Christmas will be filled with the best kind of Secrets. Show gratitude for his astute taste, after all he got the hint (or hints!). Blissfully imagine never having to fake smile again while unwrapping that cheap perfume or Hoover. Remember this, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and your birthday are just around the corner… what more could be in store for you? 

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