Santa brings Secrets to Westfield Knox

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Christmas is coming early to fashion-forward Melbournians. Luxe jewellery retailer, Secrets, is set to open its third Melbourne store at Westfield Knox City on Saturday, December 23. 

Secrets lovers (and first-time shoppers) can capitalise on Secrets’ 20% off grand opening sale in the last two retail shopping days before Christmas. 

See our new Christmas ‘lights’ in store: Secrets simulated coloured stones, which are very ‘right now’: yellow and pink ‘diamonds’; morganite; Ceylonese sapphire; and tanzanite in exquisite earring and irresistible dress ring designs. 

Stylish Melbournians can now conveniently shop at Secrets stores located in the city (Royal Arcade), Chadstone (the Fashion Capital) and soon in the eastern suburbs at Westfield Knox City. 

Secrets is distinguished as the first Australian jewellery retailer to incorporate the world’s most brilliant diamond simulants in to 10ct and 14ct solid gold jewellery designs. From auspicious beginnings in 2000, the trailblazing global brand is now a market-leader in high-end bridal and collectible fine jewellery with 11 stores nationally and an e-commerce platform.

Founding partners Jane Meredith and Dietmar Gorlich started the Secrets brand with nothing except a concept and a passionate belief that every woman was entitled to feel special every day. Five-times De Beers Design award-winning jeweller, Dietmar, had the visionary idea of combining exquisite design with simulated diamonds and coloured stones to create unique jewellery that’s eminently affordable. 

The Secrets seed was planted in Berlin in 1966 when Dietmar began an apprenticeship with luxury jeweller, Friedrich Zander, later moving on to specialise in jewellery model making with Keller & Co in Frankfurt. Dietmar’s jewellery mastery continued during a working holiday to Spain and time working in Hatton Garden, London, crafting luxury jewellery for the rich and famous. 

Fashioning luxury jewellery for London’s elite gave Dietmar the revolutionary idea that he could combine authentic precious metals with the latest technology in diamond simulants to create beautiful, irresistible jewellery that was within every woman’s reach. As Dietmar’s designs became increasingly elaborate, he could not stop thinking about using world class diamond simulants in the same exotic mountings he was crafting at Hatton Garden. Intuitively he knew people would love his idea: luxury jewellery made with the same passion, quality, old-fashioned craftsmanship, precise designs and precious metals yet accessible to everyone. 

In 1972 Dietmar moved to Australia and started Original Jewellery, which offered a Melbourne clientele bespoke designs. He used diamond simulants in 18ct gold settings so customers could see the effect before adding diamonds to complete the commissions. Dietmar’s dream was becoming a tangible reality yet he would digress in to working with rare and valuable pink diamonds throughout the 1980s. In 1984 Dietmar moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland, and started Pink Diamonds. He became one of Australia’s most influential designers of luxury pink diamond jewellery yet the vision of creating beautifully crafted luxury jewellery with diamond simulants continued to haunt his dreams.  

So began Dietmar’s quest (circa 1998) to find ‘the world’s most perfect diamond simulant’. What the globetrotting gemologist discovered changed his life and view of gemstones forever. Created from compressed zirconium ozide, these laboratory-made stones had almost the same hardness of a diamond yet Dietmar couldn’t tell the difference between it and ‘the real thing’ with the naked eye. Unlike the original cubic zirconias of the 1970s, which Dietmar said could go blind and yellowish over time, the new-generation diamond simulants were 100 per cent stable and had a refractive index very similar to a diamond. 

Dietmar also felt strongly that people were becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental and social concerns surrounding the mining of ‘conflict diamonds’, such as those issuing from Sierra Leone. Zirconium oxide, however, is mined from sandy coastal areas where, generally, stringent environmental conditions exist that require all vegetation and natural surroundings to be fully restored when mining is complete. 

Jane’s vision for Secrets was to create a level playing field for customers in the mid-market jewellery sector. 

“I was very clear that the store had to represent the ability for women to walk in and feel good, and the product had to represent that feeling of value for them, not so much monetary value, but value about how a woman feels,” Jane said. 

Secrets selects only the world’s rarest, finest diamond simulants from the many thousands of carats of stones produced in laboratories annually. Secrets’ diamond simulants are cut to the exacting standards a jeweller such as Dietmar would have used previously to craft his rare and exclusive jewellery. Secrets diamond simulants are colourless and internally flawless and cut to maximise their brilliance – so much so that the fire and brilliance of our stones are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Dietmar’s dream of creating heirloom quality jewellery that’s exquisitely irresistible, yet irresistibly priced, had come to fruition.

Seventeen years later, this underlying philosophy remains ensuring only pieces that combine luxurious design, authentic metals, old-fashioned craftsmanship, and the latest technology in diamond and gemstone simulants are used to create spectacular jewellery. 

Now with former Michael Hill CEO Mike Parsell at the helm, the brand has fresh ideas and energy. Since March 2017, the company has opened three new company stores. Knox City will be the fourth this year. 
Mike said expansion in to new territories also meant new employment opportunities with an exciting, visionary brand with global reach. 

“We’re on the look-out for the next generation of Secrets stars,” Mike said. 

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