Secrets to her heart

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The Beatles were right when they sang: “Money can’t buy me love”, but they sure did understand women in a romantic relationship often do have expectations, especially around gift-giving occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

“I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend if it makes you feel alright…” 

Okay, a diamond ring (unless you plan to propose) might be a rather extravagant Valentine’s gesture, so we’ll let you in on the ‘Secrets’ to a woman’s heart.

Secret #1: Surprise her!

Big or small, costly or gratis, you’ll win major brownie points just for being thoughtful. 
Leave post-it notes with romantic messages in random places around the house for her to discover, spread a picnic rug at the spot where you shared your first kiss or whisk her off to Paris, the City of Love, for a romantic couple’s getaway. 

Secret #2: Be an open book 
Take inspiration from all-time romantic movie, The Notebook, and pen a handwritten love letter.  It’s easier to write from the heart with pen and paper than typing on a keyboard. Express your love in raw, unedited prose. As the great English Romantic poet William Wordsworth said: “Fill your paper with breathings from your heart”.  

Secret #3: Keep secrets 
Sometimes it’s healthy to keep secrets in a romantic relationship. It creates an air of mystery that both partners can find alluring. Providing they’re benign, secrets can help sustain interest in each other. After all, do you want to know everything about your partner? 

A final word of advice… play it safe this Valentine’s Day and buy her that diamond (simulant) ring. Desirable, ethical and exquisitely irresistible, a Secrets ring will make her feel alright! 

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